T680 VS T880: Choosing the Best New Truck for Your Fleet

Are you looking for new class 8 trucks to add to your fleet? Kenworth has both T680 and T880 machines that offer severe-duty suspension, DEF configuration, and collision mitigation. Both models are efficient because they support the PACCAR MX-13 engine.

Are you looking for new class 8 trucks to add to your fleet? Kenworth has both T680 and T880 machines that offer severe-duty suspension, DEF configuration, and collision mitigation. Both models are efficient because they support the PACCAR MX-13 engine.

Nevertheless, these two models have their similarities and differences. So, between these two models, which is the right one that meets your needs? Here, you will learn the features of Kenworth T680 and T880 models, their similarities and differences.

Kenworth T680 Model

Kenworth T680 is among the highly evolved aerodynamic trucks. Here are some of the T680 model features.

  1. Exterior

The T680 model features a bold design that enhances its superior fuel economy. This model has a lightweight aluminum design that makes it to be more aerodynamic than other Kenworth models.

This model possesses the power to haul in difficult conditions without consuming much fuel. It’s ideal for drivers who maximize their performance and efficiency.

  1. Interior

The Kenworth T680 has an elegant interior that combines advanced technology and exceptional comfort to offer the best driving experience.

The T680 has an adjustable GT seat and a large sleeper that features numerous amenities to maximize the driver’s comfort. The dash possesses a high-tech driver performance center that enhances the driver’s experience.

  1. Performance

The Kenworth T680 trucks are known to be among the highest performers. These trucks have an MX-13 engine that can deliver up to 1,850 lb-ft of torque and 500hp.

The engine features a fully optimized drivetrain that ensures the truck pushes the efficiency limit while maintaining the necessary power. Additional features include:

  • Micro-adjustable damping
  • Base extension with independent tilt
  • Suspension travel protection zone
  • Adjustable seats
  • Replaceable cushions
  • Heating and cooling effect

Kenworth T880 Model

Kenworth T880 trucks are built to be dependable even in the most challenging conditions. These trucks are equipped with the industry’s leading strength and endurance. Here are the Kenworth T880 model features.

  1. Exterior

These trucks are heavy-duty and offer a powerful solution for every job site. Whether you need a truck to haul logs or carry sand for long distances, Kenworth T880s will sort you.

These trucks possess an expansive windshield and low sloped, 5-piece Metton hood to ensure the driver gets maximum visibility. The T880 trucks can also be customized to meet the driver’s needs.

  1. Interior

The Kenworth T880 model features an intelligent, luxurious interior that ensures the driver is comfortable at the same time to get’s complete control of the dash. The Kenworth NavPlus and SmartWheel features enhance the curved control center.

The interior is fully-trimmed and comes in Diamond and Vintage packages. These trucks feature the leading Kenworth seats with several additions to enhance user experience.

  1. Performance

The Kenworth T880 trucks are equipped to tackle any job while ensuring revolutionary efficiency. Like other PACCAR models, these trucks support the MX-13 engine capable of handling 1,850 lb-ft of torque and 500hp.

Additional features include:

  • Micro-adjustable damping
  • Suspension travel protection zone
  • Base extension with full independent tilt
  • Adjustable seats
  • The cooling and heating effect
  • Replaceable cushions

These key features ensure the T880 trucks are always operating at peak performance.

The Similarities

Kenworth Company manufactures the T680 and T880 trucks, so they have many things in common. They’re both great options for people who want heavy-duty trucks.

Both Kenworth T880 and Kenworth T680 belong to the class 8 group. Both models support Paccar 12-speed automatic transmission and a Paccar MX-13, 12.9-liter engine, which makes them consume less fuel.

The engine supports unique features such as multi-use fuel injection, reduced noise and low RPM peak torque. These features allow both trucks to tackle any job with revolutionary efficiency.

Also, both models have the same tires and wheels built on the same frame. They also have micro-adjustable damping and advanced suspension to ensure the driver is comfortable when driving.

They also support the cooling and heating effects that allow drivers to adjust to the weather easily. For example, the driver can use the cooling effect during the summer seasons and the heating effect to warm them during the winter season.

The Differences

Although the T880 and T680 have numerous similarities, there are some differences. At a glance, you’ll notice that the hood’s design is different. The Kenworth T680 has a bold exterior and hood designed to allow optimal airflow.

Also, the exterior lightweight aluminum design allows the T680 model to be more aerodynamic than its counterpart. This model is a good option for drivers who maximize efficiency and performance.

On the contrary, the T880 trucks have a 5-piece Metton hood that maximizes visibility. The T880 hood design is made to allow set-back front axle configuration, thus creating a strong, stable foundation for a heavy-duty application like construction and logging.

Also, the T880 is fully customizable to enable drivers to include all the features they need. This model supports enhanced PTO capabilities and multiplexed switches, making it a good choice for vocational usage.

The Kenworth T680 has improved features like lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, side object detection, and collision mitigation. These features make it be an excellent option for people who want highway fleets.

Kenworth T880 trucks focus on strength, operating economy, and stamina, while Kenworth T680 trucks focus on aerodynamic enhancements. That’s why the T680 is known to improve fuel economy by ten percent.

If you’re on a budget, consider buying the T880 models because they’re cheaper than the T680 models. Buying a brand new Kenworth T680 will cost you around $161, 000 while buying a 2020 Kenworth T880 model will cost you around $152,000.

Final Thought

Both T680 and T880 models are great trucks because they have great features that maximize productivity. However, you can choose a specific model depending on your personal preferences and applications.

The T880 is a good option if you’re looking for a versatile, dependable vehicle that will perform even the toughest jobs. However, the T680 trucks are the best options if you’re looking for aerodynamic trucks with driver-friendly features.

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