How Long Do Most Semi-Truck Rear Axles Last For?

Do you want your rear axles to serve you for long? Do you even carry out the proper maintenance? Yes, or not sure! The rear axles play a significant role in giving power to wheels. So you should care for the axles as much as you care for the engine.

An excellent rear axle should go for up to 100000miles. The mileage also applies to those semi-trucks that carry heavy loads. However, expect them to wear with time since they constantly flex and rotate to accommodate the rough road. Here is what you should know about durability, maintenance, and repair.

How Long Does the Rear Axle Last?

Even though you expect the rear axles to cover more than 100000 miles, some don’t manage to reach that mileage. Why?  Operating regularly on rough roads and heavy carrying loads can reduce the mileage. The quality of the axles also is determining factor. 

Regardless of where the semi-truck is operating, ensure that you go for inspection after every 20000miles. The practice would help to prolong the lifespan of the rear axles. You should also note that the axle won’t serve you for long if you have unfit shocks. Primarily shock prevents excessive pressure to the axles. So when the shocks are not strong enough to withstand pressure from potholes and bumps, the axles will wear within a few mileages.

Notable Signs That Require Thorough Inspection

Broken axles are easy to notice. But other complications that reduce the lifespan of rear axles and the shaft are not detectable unless you’re keen. Here are some signs you should be aware of;

  • Vibration from the underneath of the semi-truck.
  • Irritating clicking noises when turning.
  • Wobbling sound coming from the wheels.
  • Leaking grease from the underneath of the semi-truck.
  • Power transfer issues followed by clunking noises.

If you notice any of these signs, go immediately to a heavy-duty repair shop. You should note that the weakened axles can damage components such as steering suspension, on top of putting you and other road users at risk. 

Maintenance/Repair of The Rear Axles

Proper maintenance prevents any premature wear and tear, thus extending the life span. 

One of the maintenance practices is proper alignment. You can’t avoid a broken rear axle, but regular alignment would prevent the breakage. You need experts since bad alignment can be a disaster. It can lead to premature tires and sometimes blowout in the middle of the road.

So how would you observe to note that you have lousy semi-truck alignment?

  • Excessive wear on one side of the tires.
  • Unusual vibrations coming from steering.

When you go to a heavy-duty repair shop, they should repair the rear axles and check related components. 

These practices include;

  • Replacing spoiled fasteners.
  • Fixing leaking axle’s components.
  • Straightening axle beams.
  • Cleaning and lubricating bearings.
  • Changing and lubricating camshafts.

In conclusion, suitable rear axles can cover 100000 miles. However, where you’re operating and the maintenance you’re giving your semi-truck determines these statistics. Good maintenance and repair are everything when it comes to prolonging the life span of the rear axles and other related components. That’s why you should choose us since we offer the best heavy-duty repair services. For inquiries, send us a message.

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