Heavy-Duty Truck Coolant Issues

Heavy-duty trucks need special kinds of coolant that are suitable for the engines they use. If your heavy-duty truck needs coolant, you should take it to a trusted mechanic who has experience with these kinds of systems. 

Heavy-duty trucks need special kinds of coolant that are suitable for the engines they use. If your heavy-duty truck needs coolant, you should take it to a trusted mechanic who has experience with these kinds of systems. 

Why is coolant important? Coolant is important because it helps keep the engine from overheating. It does this by carrying heat away from the engine. If the coolant isn't doing its job, then you’ll end up with costly repairs down the line. Thankfully, at Specialized Truck Repair, we make it our mission to provide our valued customers with exceptional service. Our customers can expect worry-free driving and lower repair costs. We will always explain what repairs are required and why before we proceed with the work. When the job is done we explain the invoice thoroughly. The technician assigned to your vehicle will gladly answer any additional questions you may have. In this article, we share some information about some common heavy-duty truck coolant issues.

What is heavy-duty truck coolant?

Heavy-duty trucks are often equipped with coolant specifically made for HD applications. This means they have a higher boiling point than regular car coolants. If your truck needs coolant, you need to make sure that the mechanic uses the right kind of fluid for your engine. 

Phosphate and Silicate-based Fluids

There are two different types of heavy-duty coolants available on the market today: phosphate and silicate-based fluids. The phosphate type is more common because it tends to be less expensive than silicate options. It does have some downsides though, including environmental concerns and lower heat rejection capabilities when compared to its silicate counterpart. When you see "heavy-duty" in reference to truck repairs, it's important to note that this refers only to the amount of horsepower that the engine is rated for, not to its weight. While heavy-duty engines are heavier than their light-duty counterparts, they're still not as "heavy" as an actual heavy-duty vehicle. When it comes to finding a mechanic who specializes in heavy-duty truck repairs you should always look for someone with experience working on vehicles of this sort. Because these trucks have more powerful engines they tend to be more complicated to repair and require highly skilled and HET-certified technicians. This is why it's so important to find a trusted shop with professionals who have extensive training in this particular area.

What are some common heavy-duty truck coolant issues?

While some issues are minor, others can lead to serious problems if they aren't addressed. Here are a few examples of common heavy-duty truck coolant issues:

Steering fluid leak

Steering fluid leaks are common for many vehicles, but they can be especially problematic when dealing with heavy-duty trucks. Leaks of this nature in the steering system can lead to overheating issues in the engine. The same is true with cooling system leaks. If your heavy-duty truck has a coolant leak, it's important that you take action immediately. These kinds of issues are often caused by damaged or defective components in your cooling system or your radiator.

Weak radiator cap seal

If your radiator cap isn't holding pressure, then there's a good chance that you're dealing with an issue like this. When the cooling system is pressurized, it pushes coolant throughout the system. If the cap can't seal properly then it won't be able to create enough pressure. The end result will be decreased engine performance and higher operating temperatures. Heavier vehicles tend to require more frequent maintenance than lighter ones do. This means that if something goes wrong in your heavy-duty truck's cooling system, you'll need to make sure that it doesn't turn into a much bigger problem down the line. If you suspect an issue with your vehicle's cooling system head straight to Specialized Truck Repair for service and quality workmanship.

Coolant flush needed

If you've seen signs of corrosion or other damage in your heavy-duty truck's cooling system it may be time for a flush. Our technicians will take care of this issue quickly and ensure that your engine stays cool even during the hottest summer months. This will also help reduce engine damage and ensure that you're able to keep driving without putting your vehicle's total operation at risk.

White smoke from the tailpipe

White smoke coming from your tailpipe is a common sign of an issue with your vehicle's cooling system. If the coolant levels in your heavy-duty truck are too low or if there isn't enough coolant to begin with, then it may be emitting smoke as a result.

Sludge build-up

The high temperatures associated with heavy-duty trucks can lead to overheating issues over time. When this happens, you might notice that it causes sludge to build up in your engine and other components. Sludge will end up taking over key spaces like the cylinders and oil pan while reducing overall engine performance. This can lead to further damage down the line if you don't get it fixed right away.

Final Thoughts

When you find the right shop to handle heavy-duty truck repairs you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands. If you suspect a problem with your cooling system, it's always a good idea to have it checked out by a professional. The last thing you want to do is drive around town or haul heavy loads for work if there's a chance that your engine could overheat at any moment. At Specialized Truck Repair, we're one of the most trusted shops in Tennessee when it comes to finding high-quality service and getting exactly what you need from our team of professionals. In addition to our commitment, we also stock all sorts of parts and accessories so that we can get everything up and running as quickly as possible. Remember, if you need heavy-duty truck repairs of any kind, we're the company to trust.

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